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Bette Davis autographs
Original, rare autographs all signed in-person.
Also, RARE sigend letter

Davis_Bette_SP.jpg (26388 bytes)

These three photos and the index card all come from a women who actually met and worked for Bette Davis. All were signed in-person.   These are stunning photos signed by Davis later in life.  All are guaranteed authentic for life and come with details of when and how these were acquired.

Great signed photo as "Jezebel".


Davis_Bette_SP2.jpg (19439 bytes)

Great vintage signed close-up photo with beautiful crisp signature. .


Davis_Bette_SP3.jpg (22266 bytes)

Great vintage signed photo with beautiful crisp signature. .


Davis_Bette_sig.jpg (18509 bytes)

A nice, bold signature on vintage index card.