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"Giant", 1955
Original Vintage Press Book
Starring James Dean, Rock Hudson and Liz Taylor

Dean_Giant_Press_booklet.jpg (27327 bytes)

Extremely rare 1956 press release booklet for Giant. The booklet has 44 pages of stories on the stars and all the variations of movie posters, displays and lobby cards that theatre owners could purchase to promote the film. Inside the booklet are amazing photos of JAMES DEAN, ROCK HUDSON AND ELIZABETH TAYLOR. They call it Giant because everything in this picture is big, from the generous running time (more than 200 minutes) to the sprawling ranch location (a horizon-to-horizon plain with a lonely, modest mansion dropped in the middle) to the high-powered stars. Stocky Rock Hudson stars as the confident, stubborn young ranch baron Bick Benedict, who woos and wins the hand of Southern belle Elizabeth Taylor, a seemingly demure young beauty who proves to be Hudson's match after she settles into the family homestead. For many the film is chiefly remembered for James Dean's final performance, as poor former ranch hand Jett Rink, who strikes oil and transforms himself into a flamboyant millionaire playboy. Director George Stevens won his second Oscar for this ambitious, grandly realized (if sometimes slow moving) epic of the changing socioeconomic (and physical) landscape of modern Texas, based on Edna Ferber's bestselling novel. The talented supporting cast includes Mercedes McCambridge as Bick's frustrated sister, put out by the new "woman of the house"; Chill Wills as the Benedicts' garrulous rancher neighbor; Carroll Baker and Dennis Hopper as the Benedicts' rebellious children; and Earl Holliman and Sal Mineo as dedicated ranch hands. Here's a chance to get an amazingly rare collectible of movie history.