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Judy Garland
Extraordinary Vintage Authentically signed photo

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LG 10x13 Autographed/Inscribed JUDY GARLAND Photo-40s

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This large 10x13 photo of Judy Garland comes from the heir to the estate of William Creamer, a notable photographer who worked both in motion pictures in the 1930's and 1940's and television in the 1950's.  Absolutely STUNNING photo SIGNED in BOLD fountain pen, ""To Bill - My favorite "Keeper of the lillies" love Judy""

We have removed this large personalized photo from the collection to list it separately.

See other photos which contains several behind the scenes photos of Judy Garland between 1943 and 1945 (see photos below for a teaser). This amazing photo album included 117 photos of stars both on and off the sets of movies in the 1940's (NOT included with this signed photo). His photos from his tenure in the film industry are incredible and rare because they not only document the process of filmmaking but go behind the scenes into dressing rooms with the stars and catch the stars in natural and relaxed states. There are photos of Judy Garland, Ava Gardner, Claudette Colbert, Mickey Rooney, Angela Lansbury, Lana Turner, Lena Horne, Lyonel Barrymore, Gracie Allen, Harry James, Gloria DeHavem, Donald Meek, Xavier Cugat, Albert Coates, Jimmy Durante, June Allyson, and Elizabeth Taylor on the set of National Velvet, all kept together in the photographer's original photo album from the period

A magnificent Judy Garland TREASURE and unquestionably authentic signature and inscription, of which you WILL NEVER find anywhere again.  The absolute BEST Garland piece we have seen in 25 years of collecting!

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Judy with photographer Bill Cramer

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Judy and Bill

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