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"Wizard of OZ"
Original one sheet, 1949
(on linen)
Starring Judy Garland

Oz_1sht_49.jpg (51233 bytes)

1949 - Here it is!!  An original "Wizard of Oz" one sheet (27x41") and the first re-release.  It was ten years before MGM decided to re-release since the movie did not yet reach it's cult following as it did in the late 50's and continues to be probably the most universally loved film of all time.    This is a rare one sheet from 1949 and the first one we have acquired in 20 years.


Professionally linen backed. Great condition!

Our experience has shown vintage Oz material, especially this early does not last long. There are no known sales for an original 1939 release one sheet, but the last, much less desirable 1/2 sheet sold in 1998 for over $25,000!  A solid investment!!