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Margaret Hamilton

Hamilton (1902-1985), American character actress; film career from 1933 ("Another Language" 1933; "Guest in the House" 1944' "State of the Union" 1948; "Rosie" 1967; "Brewster McCloud" 1971; etc) best remembered for her role as "The Wicked Witch of the West" in "The Wizard of Oz." 1939.

Hamilton_margaret_SP_small.jpg (38093 bytes)

Margaret Hamilton. Original Vintage Halftone Photograph Signed ("Maggie Hamilton") in black fountain pen ink on 3/4 length pose in costume from "The Wizard of Oz" as the "Wicked Witch of the West," her hands in a hexing pose. Very good (creasing to right side and two left corners of the halftone). 12" x 10".

Signed and inscribed
with a small drawing of a
pointed witches hat and the broom:

"Happy Birthday
Kathy - many lovely wishes-
long life and great happiness
Maggie Hamilton
(and WWW - What do you think
she thinks you are?!

A real beauty!! - $650

Hamilton_Bolger_sp.jpg (42844 bytes)

VERY RARE - Spectacular DUAL signed OZ photo by Margaret Hamilton as the "Witch" and Ray Bolger as the "Scarecrow".   Acquired directly from the recepient who obtained in person and also became friends with Ms Hamilton in the late 70's early 80's. Comes with handwritten provenance stating that he personally had Ms Hamilton and Mr Bolger sign this piece.   Rarely do AUTHENTIC Oz dual signed items like this appear on the market, although eBay has the everyday forgeries.

Mr. Bolger signed the photo "To Mike from His Friend The Scarecrow Ray Bolger". Ms. Hamilton added "as again (?) says in his book - follow your yellow brick road! good luck and watch out for loose bricks! Margaret Hamilton + WWW".


Hamilton_Bolger_sp2.jpg (52244 bytes)

Margaret Hamilton (The Wicked Witch) & Ray Bolger (Scarecrow). Another spectacular DUAL signed photo from the same long time collector above who was also a friend of Ms Hamilton. . It was signed in the late 70's early 80's and is in excellent condition although the "W.W.W." is a bit smeared.  Ms. Hamilton signed the photo "Come up and join me - Mike! Best wishes - Margaret Hamilton + W.W.W.". Mr. Bolger added "Don't do it Mike! The Scarecrow Ray Bolger".

Comes with handwritten provenance stating that he personally had Ms Hamilton and Mr Bolger sign this piece.   Rarely do AUTHENTIC Oz dual signed items like this appear on the market, although eBay has the everyday forgeries.   Although in the case we have been fortunate enough to acquire from the same REPUTABLE source who wrote to many stars during the 70's and 80's.  These are the ONLY Authentic Hamilton/Bolger dual signed photos we have come across in 20 years. Beware of many multi-signed oz Forgeries on eBay.  One thing to look out for is that most of the infamous forgers do not attempt to accomplish the lengthy inscription that Bolger, Haley and Hamilton almost always did.

A nice vintage, stunning OZ treasure!


Hamilton_SP_mike.jpg (56367 bytes)

Margaret Hamilton - Beautiful vintage signed OZ   photo as she prepares to send a fireball at the Scarecrow, Tinman and Dorothy.   Cane from same collector as above who became friends with Ms Hamilton and had the opportunity to have a number of photos signed .  Comes with copy provenance stating his relationship with Ms Hamilton. Many of these photos from "Mike's" collection have a slight age tint due to having them signed nearly 30 years ago.  Just adds that extra nice of authenticity to it.

Ms. Hamilton signed the photo "For Mike - love from WWW + Margaret Hamilton"



Hamilton_Gulch_sp.jpg (22333 bytes)

Great 8 x 10" Black and White Photo of the WICKED WITCH herself, MARGARET HAMILTON, in a publicity photo from MGM classic motion picture, THE WIZARD OF OZ, where this photo shows her as MISS GULCH, although it may be Margaret in character for MY LITTLE CHICKADEE with W.C. Fields. It's a great shot of the actress, which she personally inscribed "Well -Well-Ron-Who'd ever think I-an old maid would meet you--far from old-De-licious! and ever fun Maggie Hamilton". This autograph piece is from the estate of noted San Francisco collector Ron Weinberg who obtained all of his autographs in person. Imagine owning an authentic autograph of Margaret Hamilton, as MISS GULCH, which is unusual and an AUTOGRAPH, on a GREAT Photo like this one!



Hamilton_WWW_SP.jpg (18763 bytes)

Margaret Hamilton Signed photo in character as the
"Wicked Witch of the West:".  A beautiful studio shot in her menacing pose. A real beauty!! 

Guaranteed authentic for life. Comes with COA from Conway's Vintage Autographs and a COA from Piece of the Past, authors of the Autograph Price Guide.


Hamilton_SP_Garland-autographs.jpg (37340 bytes)

The "Wicked Witch of the West", Margaret Hamilton. Wonderful Oz scene. She has so nicely signed,
"Dear Sara, Here is your fortune! Heh-heh. with love from WWW! and Margaret Hamilton" in her typical small handwriting.  The actual photo doesn't have the green tint and the flash, my camera and the light makes it look that way.  Actual photo is nice black and white.


Hamilton_margaret_SP_8304.jpg (22466 bytes)Hamilton_margaret_SP_8304_b.jpg (29057 bytes)

Great vintage signed photo in her trademark green .  With nice inscription as was usual in her authentically signed photos. Most of the forgeries such as on eBay don't go beyond a plain signature.   Acquired from original owners who wrote to Hamilton. She writes, "For Bert & Boyd Merry Christmas & Happy New Year WWW & Maraget Hamilton".  VERY NICE sentiment from the "Wicked With of the West", NOT so wicked after all!!

All of our autographs are Guaranteed for Life!



Hamilton_Margaret_out_of_char_small.jpg (21042 bytes)

Margaret Hamilton - Authentically signed and long inscribed photo

The below is testimonial to the authenticity of this item  (which most autographs unfortunately never come with):

"I received this photo in the mid 1970's. At the time I owned a small motel and housekeeping cottage colony near the Pocono Playhouse in Mountainhome, PA. Margaret Hamilton was in a play (the name of the play escapes me) at the Pocono Playhouse and she was a guest at my accomodations. The playhouse was part of the "straw hat circuit" which was a group of summer theaters in the northeastern part of the country. Margaret Hamilton was a very gracious and elegant lady and a true pleasure to have met.Packed away, I think I may have the Playbill from the show that she was in."