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Vintage Autographs
Including the RARE autograph of Susan Hayward

Hayward_Susan_sigs.jpg (20445 bytes)

A vintage group of autographs on the back of a picture of James Gleason (I remember him as a detective in the old movies).  The autograph is dated 1944.  A family member was in the service and before sailing to the Pacific, he went out nite clubbing and got a few autographs.  Susan Hayward was a beautiful legendary actress of the 40's & 50's.   I don't know who Mary Brian was, maybe a starlet?  Note the autograph from Jim Gleason says "come soon Jim", I think he meant "come home soon Jim".   Another era with so much history.  The picture of Gleason has a tear on the right and left side of the picture.  The reverse side of the picture has the autographs and the tears do not intrude upon them.  The size of the picture is 5 x 7. 

Authenticity Guaranteed for life.



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