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RARE one-of-kind Personal item
Owned and used by Bela Lugosi

Personal Cigarette Lighter a gift from Ed Wood


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      I acquired this vintage (40's , 50's circa) lighter from a man who inherited a collection of personal items belonging to a number of movie stars his partner associated with over the past several years. Below is his detailed explanation which he explains best. Also, included is a copy of the Will and Testament his partner left him upon his death.
I have included the top three photos of the lighter which is presented for sale here. The three other items, the Lugosi tie clips and Boris Karloff lighter with their names engraved are only for display to emphasize  the other authentic items he had in the collection.  HOWEVER, what makes the Lugosi lighter ever more interesting and incredibly valuable is that it was given to him as a gift from none other then the infamous Director Ed Wood.  If you're a movie poster collector you know Ed Wood vintage posters command several thousands $$$$.  Johnny Depp played him in the 1994 motion picture "Ed Wood" .  
The lighter is in excellent condition although it has some light scuff marks apparently from handling over the years. The "From" has some light scratches.   Otherwise, a truly rare treasure.
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"This is old lighter that does work it just needs fluid, It is so rare that it is unbelievable, On the top of the front it Says in monogrammed letter "BELA LUGOSI" on the back it says "FROM ED WOOD" an very rare piece of Hollywood history. This item has a little history, My ex lover who died 10 years ago, was a Gofer and intern at the major studios in Hollywood. He had the chance to work with some of our greatest stars, He gravitated towards the female stars, who just loved to hang around with young handsome gay college students, it was and still is the "cool " thing to do. Well Marc got to meet and spend time with Lana Turner , Lucille Ball, Ava Gardner, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Shelly Winters, Rosalind Russell, and on and on and on . To make a long torrid story short he left to me in his WILL two giant shoeboxes of Hollywood memorabilia. I will provide a copy of the WILL from his estate to anyone who requests it. Well anyway I have been spending the better part of the last year Auctioning off these treasures, ALL ITEMS COME WITH A CERTIFICATE OF OWNERSHIP. In many cases I have a COPY of a photo of the Star involved".