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Elvis Presley
Original Vintage movie posters & lobby cards (11x14")
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Presley_Love_Tender_TC.jpg (44409 bytes)

1956 - Original Vintage Title Card from Elvis Presley's FIRST MOVIE appearance. Look at the credits, "Introducing Elvis Presley".  And the rest was history!

Beautiful artwork and stunning images of Elvis.


Presley_King_CreoleLC.jpg (38308 bytes)

1958 - Here is a stunning and very RARE
original lobby card from probably his most memorable and successful movie. A great scene with Elvis close-up!!


Presley_King_CreoleLC2.jpg (23564 bytes)

1958 - Another great original lobby card from his best film!!  Great graphics!!


Presley_King_CreoleLC5.jpg (25839 bytes)

1958 - ORIGINAL lobby cards from "King Creole". Excellent condition each with Elvis in fight related scenes.

$250 each.


NOTE:  Camera produced flash appearance on cards. Actual cards are claaer and vibrant colors like the two from same title above. .


Presley_King_CreoleLC4.jpg (27083 bytes)

Presley_King_CreoleLC3.jpg (25959 bytes)

Presley_wild.jpg (38781 bytes)

A very RARE Window Card (14x22) from Elvis's 1961 classic, "Wild in the Country". The graphics and artwork are exceptional with several great images of the "King".

Excellent condition with none of the typical writing or trimming on top border as the theatres usually did back then.


Presley_Jail_House_lc.jpg (23724 bytes)

1957 "Jail House Rock" - Probably his most famous role.  Original vintage lobby card. Great close-up!! Some border tears but otherwise NICE.


Presley_Loving_You_lc.jpg (45275 bytes)

1957 - Early Presley appearance. Great lobby card scene, "Loving You".