"Without Love" , 1945
Starring Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn (and Lucille Ball)
Complete Lobby Card set, with original full page WWII ad.


Tracy_WO_Love.JPG (40457 bytes)Tracy_WO_LoveTC.JPG (36022 bytes)

Tracy_WO_LoveAd.JPG (33123 bytes)     Here is a one of a kind!!   A complete set of the 1945 WWII classic
                                                               starring Tracy & Hepburn, "Without Love".  Just look at the incredible
                                                               artwork including the displayed coveted Title Card!!  Also staring a very young
                                                               star named Lucille Ball.  ALSO, comes with an original full page ad for the movie
                                                               for the promotion of funds for the War effort.  A rare and unique collection for the
                                                               Tracy/Hepburn fan!!!  A Title Card alone recently sold for $250.