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  Vintage Celebrity Autographs

Collecting Autographs  is one of the most exciting hobbies today. 

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AUTHENTIC  historical &  Celebrity Autographs.  In addition to Signed photos and letters, are unique, rare vintage sports memorabilia and historical and movie memorabilia. What you will see here are not just collectibles, they are historical treasures from all walks of life. Here you will find the most rare, AUTHENTIC and highly collectible celebrity autographs, signed photos, contracts, original cartoon art and letters of people who have touched the lives of many people, maybe even you.

Most Popular Autographs: Recently we have seen an increase in demand for Presidential autographs. In particular, we are currently seeking checks signed as President. On reason for the popularity of signed checks is the guaranteed authentic signature.  Even on Ebay , where 90% of all autographs are NOT authentic, checks are the safest authentic investments, as are contracts and other legal documents. 

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Brief  History of Autographs

An autograph is a document and/or signature written completely in the hand of the signed name. In other words an autograph is NOT a proxy signer such as an assistant or someone else, a machine, such as an autopen machine, or a stamped signature. Only the actually, original pen (or pencil) signature of the person identified by the signature. 

Autograph is a person's signature. This term is used in particular for the practice of collecting autographs of celebrities. The hobby of collecting autographs is known as philography.

Keep in mind many autographs change over time.   While many stay consistent. For example, a Joe DiMaggio autograph from the 40’s is remarkably the same as his signature in the 1990’s. However, John Kennedy and Frank Sinatra’s autograph changed drastically over their lifetimes.

Autograph collecting is an enthralling hobby to collectors, who enjoy assembling a series of historical documents, letters or objects that have been signed or autographed by a notable person as a way of capturing a piece of history. However, the unfortunate reality is white collar criminals see financial opportunity in the autograph world. Even more so today with the advance of technology, the internet and particularly sites like Ebay has open the door to many scam artists.  Many of the autograph forgers are amateurs and their work is easily detectable , even to the neophyte collector. However, there are also skilled autograph forgers that employ techniques like buying old book sand using the blank pages to duplicate high value autographs like that of Abraham Lincoln or George Washington. Only experienced collectors can detect these.

Forgery Autographs

It is always best to seek the advice of an experienced autograph dealer or authenticator that go beyond just comparing handwriting examples. For example, one should know the signing habits of high value autographs. Many presidents delegated superficial requests like land grants to their secretaries who became adept at signing their bosses name.  The same is true for many of the famous movie stars and could not possibly sign autographs for the thousands of fans who wrote to them. Do you think Judy Garland or Elvis Presley sat signing hundreds of autographs a day??  Also, be cautious of autographs authenticated by so-called forensic experts. This has been one of the hobby’s biggest scams. Forensic experts are NOT autographs experts. Most that I have encountered are NOT knowledgeable of  John Kennedy’s signing habits or knew about the secretary who was employed to sign ALL of FDR, Marilyn Monroe or Frank Sinatra’s fan mail.  Handwriting analysis is not enough as many of the forensic experts, for example used on Ebay, are easily fooled by good autographs forgers.

Update: Beware of many Ebay autograph sellers that are forging cartoon sketches like Charles Schulz and others. They often use tracing techniques from auction sites of reputable autograph dealers. Make sure you read our "Buying Safe Online Guide".  

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A NOTE about Authenticity - We go to great lengths to AUTHENTICATE our autographs, especially in the age of internet auctions that seem to have become a safe haven for career forgers and inexperienced sellers of secretarials and forgeries. It is estimated that as high as 90% of all autographs on the online auction sites are NOT authentic.  We provide you 20+ years of experience and integrity. And, as always we offer a Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity.

(All Autograph material come with Letter of Authenticity and are Guaranteed for Life)
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